Distributed work: HSBC gets it

The “Future of Work” blog showcases a recent article in the London Times Online about HSBC‘s plans to move at least 50% of its 8,000 London HQ staffers out of the central office and into a home-based or mobile work environment within seven years. HSBC’s chief executive, Michael Geoghegan, described his goal:

I’ve challenged us within seven years to have 50 percent of that [Canary Wharf] building empty, to sublet to someone else. I don’t think we’re a really progressive, perceptive company if 8,000 people have to get up every day at an unearthly hour and go back again. Technology should change our thought process.

The business case for distributed work: Lower real-estate costs, less-frazzled employees (from not commuting), easier disaster recovery — not to mention positive environmental effects.