The extinction timeline

Futurist Richard Watson has come up with a timeline for when certain technologies, companies and customs (like spelling!) will become extinct. Watson notes that it’s mostly just for fun — not to be taken too seriously. Here’s a small sampling:

Richard Watson’s “Extinction Timeline” (click here for the one-page .pdf)

  • 2013: fax machines
  • 2014: “getting lost”
  • 2015: telephone directories, receptionists
  • 2019: libraries
  • 2020: copyright
  • 2022: blogging, spelling
  • 2033: coins
  • 2035: oil
  • 2049: physical newspapers

For Watson’s reasoning behind the predictions, you’ll need to read his new book: “Future Files: A History of the Next 50 Years.”

The extinction timeline: The mouse dies in nine years, then BlackBerries go dark; Google outlasts Microsoft