Very early signs of ecomigration

A rising tide may lift the boats but it may also cause people to relocate. Rising sea levels and storms brought on by global warming may lead people to move to higher ground, greener pastures or interior regions. The Washington Post (23 February 2009) calls them ecomigrants. The article cites two examples:

  • Adam Fier, of Montgomery County, Md., has moved his family to New Zealand, where he likes the green policies and feels safe from conflict.
  • The president of Kiribati, a Pacific nation of low-lying islands, is exploring ways to move all 100,000
    Channel between two Kiribati islands
    Channel between two Kiribati islands

    citizens to a new homeland because of fears that a steadily rising ocean will make the islands uninhabitable. He called for an international fund to buy land for such mass migrations.

The article also hints that people in hurricane-prone areas (such as Louisiana and Florida) are thinking of moving elsewhere.

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Twitter: RT @mitchbetts Ecomigration: People worried about global warming (rising seas) are moving to higher ground.