8 home remodeling trends for 2008

According to Case Handyman and Remodeling Services LLC, the nation’s largest full-service remodeling company, homeowners in 2008 will want to do the following:

  • Transform attics into comfortable bedrooms, play areas and guest suites to gain more livable space.
  • Install skylights and sun tubes to revitalize dark rooms, stairwells and closet spaces with natural light.
  • Bring back the large, pedestal “soaking tub” in the master bath, for rejuvenation and unwinding after a long day.
  • Build a whole, spacious walk-in closet suite, with high-end cabinets, mirrors, lighting, huge dressers and a center island.
  • Use surprisingly realistic faux stone to enhance their home’s curb appeal.
  • Convert space in the home into a comfortable yet highly functional home office, including custom cabinetry for storage, high-end audio/visual connections, task lighting and telecommunications equipment aimed at keeping the homeowner connected at all times.
  • Seek out simple and easy ways to incorporate various aspects of “green living” into their daily lives. From energy-efficient appliances, low-VOC paint that improves air quality, recycled materials for resource conservation and environmentally-friendly cabinetry, the kitchen will serve as the perfect area to introduce green living in the home.
  • Turn basements — formerly the dumping ground for excess and clutter — into home theaters, game rooms and wet bars.

‘Alpha-earning moms’ and stay-at-home dads may change household purchasing habits

If current demographic shifts continue, within a generation women may be the primary breadwinners in half of America’s households, notes Social Technologies LLC futurist John Cashman. These “alpha-earning moms” — along with the increasing number of stay-at-home dads — are growing market segments that will merit business attention, Cashman says.

  • Household duties will continue to realign. More men will carry primary responsibility for purchasing food, clothing, and other household items.
  • Men will be more involved in childcare and in purchasing products and services for their children.
  • As they explore these new gender roles, men’s preferences will be expressed in the types of products they buy. These could include more gadgetry and high-tech appliances for the home.

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