Very early signs of ecomigration

A rising tide may lift the boats but it may also cause people to relocate. Rising sea levels and storms brought on by global warming may lead people to move to higher ground, greener pastures or interior regions. The Washington Post (23 February 2009) calls them ecomigrants. The article cites two examples:

  • Adam Fier, of Montgomery County, Md., has moved his family to New Zealand, where he likes the green policies and feels safe from conflict.
  • The president of Kiribati, a Pacific nation of low-lying islands, is exploring ways to move all 100,000
    Channel between two Kiribati islands
    Channel between two Kiribati islands

    citizens to a new homeland because of fears that a steadily rising ocean will make the islands uninhabitable. He called for an international fund to buy land for such mass migrations.

The article also hints that people in hurricane-prone areas (such as Louisiana and Florida) are thinking of moving elsewhere.

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Twitter: RT @mitchbetts Ecomigration: People worried about global warming (rising seas) are moving to higher ground.

World’s first carbon-neutral garment factory

Is this the start of a rush towards green factories? “MAS Holdings claims to have built the world’s first carbon-neutral garment factory in Sri Lanka,” reports Anthony Townsend at The Institute for the Future. The plant will make underwear for retailer Marks & Spencer in the UK.

While the plant cost 25% more to build than a traditional design (it would have been 15% without some frills due to being a showcase), with rising fuel prices it’s expected to pay for the difference in less than five years.

According to MAS Holdings:

It features the biggest installation of solar panels to date in Sri Lanka, which will provide around 10% of the total electricity required for the plant. The remaining electricity will be mini-hydro, sourced through a green power agreement that MAS pioneered for Sri Lanka earlier this month.

Apparently this is part of Marks & Spencer’s wide-ranging effort to be carbon-neutral by 2012.

8 home remodeling trends for 2008

According to Case Handyman and Remodeling Services LLC, the nation’s largest full-service remodeling company, homeowners in 2008 will want to do the following:

  • Transform attics into comfortable bedrooms, play areas and guest suites to gain more livable space.
  • Install skylights and sun tubes to revitalize dark rooms, stairwells and closet spaces with natural light.
  • Bring back the large, pedestal “soaking tub” in the master bath, for rejuvenation and unwinding after a long day.
  • Build a whole, spacious walk-in closet suite, with high-end cabinets, mirrors, lighting, huge dressers and a center island.
  • Use surprisingly realistic faux stone to enhance their home’s curb appeal.
  • Convert space in the home into a comfortable yet highly functional home office, including custom cabinetry for storage, high-end audio/visual connections, task lighting and telecommunications equipment aimed at keeping the homeowner connected at all times.
  • Seek out simple and easy ways to incorporate various aspects of “green living” into their daily lives. From energy-efficient appliances, low-VOC paint that improves air quality, recycled materials for resource conservation and environmentally-friendly cabinetry, the kitchen will serve as the perfect area to introduce green living in the home.
  • Turn basements — formerly the dumping ground for excess and clutter — into home theaters, game rooms and wet bars.