About Mitch Betts & Ampersand Reports

Mitch Betts

Short version

I’m a former executive editor at Computerworld and CIO magazines, and now an independent journalist covering digital business. Ampersand Reports is my solo editorial business. I interview CIOs for IDC reports, and also produce a research-intensive newsletter “Digital Business” (please consider subscribing, here).

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Long version

I’m an independent journalist interested in the future of business (digital and otherwise), strategic foresight, competitive intelligence, research, and trends.

My specialties include writing with clarity & brevity, interviewing executives, spotting emerging trends, diving into research documents, and finding stories in obscure places. (I once wrote a story about a U.S. patent for a hand-cranked computer.)

I’ve spent more than three decades covering the social, legal, political, and management issues of information technology. Starting out as a Washington correspondent at Computerworld, Mitch-CIO-2015_edited-1-copywhere I covered the policy issues of the nascent “Information Age,” I rose through the editorial ranks to become executive editor of Computerworld, and then executive editor of CIO magazine.

I’m especially proud of articles that I wrote or edited on topics that were (at the time) just emerging, such as computer fraud, online privacy, computerized gerrymandering, high-tech industry PACs, business software patents, data monetization, and the power of algorithms in business. Today, I’m covering the “digital transformation” of corporate America.

Version 2I’m principal at Ampersand Reports, a sole proprietorship registered in the state of Maryland, where I write articles and reports — often about digital business. I’d love to have you subscribe to my “Digital Business” newsletter for digital executives such as chief DBNL-logoinformation officers (CIOs), chief digital officers, and others in the C-suite. You’ll get news about digital innovations, jobs, appointments, research insights, market intelligence, and “brain food,” all in one convenient, no-nonsense package. The promise: Some exclusives, lots of brevity, no vendor PR, no ads, and no spam.

I’m also an adjunct analyst for research firm IDC, where I interview CIOs and then write reports about their digital strategies; and I’m curator of “Business Think Tank,” a popular Flipboard magazine with hand-picked articles about the future of business.

Contact information & social links are here.