Reinventing the IT department for the fast-paced digital economy

My latest IDC report ($$$$), “Reinventing the IT Department as a Business Accelerator,” is the result of interviews with five CIOs about they got their IT departments to be more business-focused. The traditional, tech-focused IT department is a bad match for the fast-paced digital economy. But what do you replace it with? There are numerous ways IT departments can become more business-focused, e.g., embedding IT professionals in business units, or creating cross-functional teams. One company even changed the name of its revamped IT department to Digital Services.

I started out thinking this would be a report about IT reorganizations; instead, I found that this is less about changing boxes on the organization chart and more about getting IT professionals working with their business peers to co-invent the future of the business.

I’m grateful to the following CIOs who let me pick their brains for this report, which will be read by other CIOs seeking inspiration.

  • Glenn Schneider at Discovery Financial Services (and a member of the CIO Hall of Fame)
  • Trish Torizzo at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co.
  • Bill Martin at AEG Worldwide
  • Raman Mehta at Visteon Corp.
  • Deepa Soni at BMO Financial Group (U.S.)

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