Data governance: The eat-your-broccoli part of the data-driven enterprise

broccoli-1450274_640Data governance — defined as “the exercise of authority and control over the management of data assets” — is often perceived as boring and bureaucratic, and often gets bogged down in complexity. But it needs to be revitalized to ensure that organizations can rely on the data they’re using for data-driven decisions. That’s especially true in a digital economy where more decisions will be made by analytics, algorithms and artificial intelligence, without human intervention. (Bad data will produce bad decisions, P.D.Q.)

My latest IDC report, “Practices to Revitalize Data Governance,” ($$$$) examines how digital executives are taking a more pragmatic and strategic approach to data governance — to avoid getting bogged down. Savvy CIOs are revitalizing data governance with a streamlined approach that tells a more attractive story: Governance produces data the organization can trust.

The report is based on interviews with Richard Williams, CIO at Celgene Corp.; Juan Gorricho, vice president of data and analytics at TSYS, a global payments services provider; and David Chou, chief information and digital officer at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

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