Data monetization: How to get started creating data products for external sale

Many CIOs are interested in creating data products for external sale — i.e., data monetization — to generate revenue. But not many know how to get started. It’s a dramatically new activity for most enterprises (outside of data brokers like Acxiom, Dun & Bradstreet, and Experian). It requires turning raw data into a high-quality product and building a full-fledged, customer-focused business around that data product, including hiring product managers and salespeople.

My latest IDC report ($$$$), “Creating Data Products,” is intended to help CIOs get started down this road by learning from some of the pioneers: Charles Thomas, chief data analytics officer at General Motors Corp.; Justin Kershaw, CIO at Cargill Inc.; and Sakti Kunz, data monetization expert at Honeywell International Inc.

The report cites best practices such as:

  • Ensure CEO support for risk-taking data ventures
  • Turn raw data into high-quality products that solve customer “pain points” or “data gaps”
  • Staff up with customer-focused, product-oriented talent

The initiative may be led by the CIO or by the chief data officer in close cooperation with the CIO. Either way, the role of the CIO in data commercialization is multifaceted: catalyst, educator, talent recruiter, and builder of a secure data platform.