Elite CIOs drive IT with the business metrics that matter

Top CIOs have learned that the best way to demonstrate the value of IT to other business executives — and guide their own IT staffs — is to focus on the business metrics that spell success in their organization and industry. Traditional IT-oriented metrics don’t resonate with other C-suite executives, thus painting the CIO as out of touch with the business. But CIOs can reposition themselves as strategic leaders by connecting IT work with the metrics that matter to other department heads.


Failing to use business metrics in C-suite conversations “anchors IT into a bygone era,” says Joe Topinka, CIO at SnapAV.

My IDC report, “Using Business Metrics to Drive IT ($$$$), describes how savvy CIOs do the following:

  • identify the business metrics that matter to the C-suite
  • consider modern metrics such as Net Promoter Score
  • map the business metrics to the actual IT staff work
  • incorporate the business metrics into shared bonus/compensation plans

In addition to Joe Topinka, the report quotes Niel Nickolaisen, CTO at O.C. Tanner, and Julia Anderson, global CIO at Smithfield Foods Inc.

Pixabay photo released under Creative Commons CC0.

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