‘Bad Roomba, Bad Roomba’

In some households, Fido is attacking the family’s Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, according to an article headlined “When Dogs and Robots Collide, Somebody Needs a Talking To.” Real attacks, with barking, snarling, teeth marks and everything. Perhaps it’s a territorial thing. It’s an example of how we still have some kinks to work out in the colocation of robots, humans and their pets. There’s even an online forum for Roomba owners to swap tales and advice about Roomba/pet interaction.

The most popular advice: “Chastise the vacuum in front of the dog,” the article says. You shake your finger at the robot and sternly say, “Bad Roomba.” After that, the dog never nips at it again, one customer says.

Source: The Wall Street Journal 11 June 2008

Stanford researchers trying to develop robot like the Jetson’s Rosie

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