Intelligence Briefs

Innovation metrics?U.S. Department of Commerce advisory committee will report this fall on its effort to define metrics for measuring the impact of innovation on the economy. / CFO magazine (June 2007)

Avoiding group-think: U.S. spy agencies are starting to acknowledge that they need to recruit more racial and ethnic minorities, especially first-generation Americans who could help fill critical gaps in knowledge and analysis. The Washington Post (15 August 2007)

Age discrimination: Employers must prepare for more age discrimination claims by unsuccessful job candidates age 40 and older, as the labor pool ages and courts reject traditional legal defenses. — Workforce Management (20 August 2007)

Prices & Costs: Record prices for wheat, the main European Union grain crop, are driving up costs for livestock producers, millers and biofuel refiners. The Wall Street Journal (4 September 2007)

Kiddie domains: A small but growing number of parents are getting domain names for their young kids, long before they can do more than peck aimlessly at a keyboard. It’s not known exactly how many, but the practice is no longer limited to parents in Web design or information technology. — Associated Press (discovered via Innovation Watch / ABC News)

Online market insights: Consumer research firm Packaged Facts has unveiled a series of reports that offer consumer goods marketers a look at product trends and retail insights about eBay Inc.’s online marketplace (which has 241 million users worldwide). —

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