Intelligence analysts may benefit from Amazon-like recommendation engine

“Analysts who read this report also read the following reports.” Intelligence analysts may see that sort of message — much like the book and movie recommendations consumers see at and NetFlix — when they look up intelligence reports in a new Web library. The U.S. government intelligence community is planning a $5 million secure intranet, called A-Space, that will include an Amazon-like recommendation engine for intelligence reports, plus MySpace-like pages to help locate internal experts. The goal is to help analysts “tunnel through” 16 different intelligence agencies and share information, according to The Washington Post (25 August 2007). The government already has launched Intellipedia, a secure, Wikipedia-like site for the intelligence community.

Is your private-sector intelligence effort making full use of these Web technologies, such as a recommendation engine to make sure customers of one report are encouraged to look at related materials?

Military Intelligence Goes Web 2.0: DOD agency using wikis, AJAX, blogs
US launches ‘MySpace for spies’

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