Big challenge: Can we make being green convenient?

Futurists often compile a list of megatrends but it’s a mistake to view each megatrend in isolation. Life doesn’t work that way. So it was interesting to see futurist Andy Hines, at Social Technologies LLC, writing about the possible convergence of two megatrends: consumer convenience and “being green.”

The problem is that convenience (time-saving) is often at odds with the environment (think: over-packaged single servings of food, and taking the car instead of public transportation). Hines continues:

We suggest “congreenience” as a challenge to our innovative talents. How can we marry green and convenient? We see some early indicators toward congreenience from energy companies providing green power options that make the switch to green energy fairly painless. These are steps in the right direction, but still just baby steps.  

Sorry, but I don’t think the moniker “congreenience” will catch on. But I agree that this could be a powerful combination. People don’t like to make sacrifices, so anything that helps people “be green” without inconvenience will be a win-win situation.

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