Intelligence Briefs

Craigslist meets YouTube: lets individuals post homemade video commercials to sell goods & services. —

Tree-Nation is an ecological project with a focused objective: to plant 8 million trees in the Sahara to fight desertification. — Marcus P. Zillman

Tipping point: U.S. corporate spending on wireless voice & mobile data services will exceed business spending on all wireline voice & data services by 2010. — In-Stat /

India is one of the fastest-growing markets for the pharmaceutical industry, with huge potential. Several factors, including the acceptance of intellectual property rights, a robust economy and the country’s burgeoning health care needs, have contributed to accelerated growth in that country. — IMS Health

Competitive intelligence for law firms: A new version of the atVantage software has features intended to help law firms analyze growth opportunities, identify trends and evaluate competing firms. The “Firm Trends” feature gives users the ability to assess and track their market share of litigation for a particular client, market or industry. — LexisNexis

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