‘Meaning extraction’ software uncovers the themes and tone of market-research reports

Northern Light Group LLC, based in Cambridge, Mass., has launched MI Analyst, which the company calls “the first automated ‘meaning extraction’ application designed specifically for market intelligence and market research.” The software combs the text of market-research reports to identify key themes.

Excerpts from the press release:

“MI Analyst is more than a powerful search tool, it’s like another member of our team,” said Paul Robertson, Director of Global Market Research at Unisys Corp. “The system’s ability to identify key themes in market research reports and draw connections between companies, technologies, and market trends saves our market intelligence team many hours of analysis time and helps us identify developing business strategy issues much earlier than we might have otherwise.”

MI Analyst adds value by extracting meaning from search results, mining market research content for relevant competitive intelligence and market trends. For example, MI Analyst highlights threats and opportunities regarding products, market share, pricing, new technologies, marketing partnerships, and corporate strategy.

MI Analyst can read all the market intelligence reports and articles a company creates or licenses from third-party sources. The application then can tell the researcher what is in the documents, suggest what business issues they address, and direct the researcher to the documents that are most interesting based on their meaning rather than on their statistically-derived search relevance.

Moreover, the company claims the software can “discern the tone of content,” such as whether the report has a positive or negative sentiment about a company. Also, the software uses “entity extraction” to dig out details, including company names, job titles, business issues and government agencies.

Price & availability
The software is available immediately as an add-on to the vendor’s SinglePoint market-research portal, a hosted application. Unlimited enterprise-wide access to MI Analyst starts at $48,000/year — plus a one-time setup fee starting at $36,000 for customization for the client.

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